No expense is spared in ensuring your new board arrives in perfect condition.

  1. Each ‘SOFTWORKS’ Softboard is shrink-wrapped in tough plastic, before being wrapped in 2 layers of thick, durable “big” bubble wrap.
  2. The nose and tail are reinforced with cardboard and an EPS foam block off cut.
  3. The board is then packed carefully into a double-walled cardboard box and marked ‘FRAGILE” for final shipping.


On the rare occasion your board packaging has been compromised during shipping, we advise you follow these steps to help us claim any damages and arrange a prompt solution for you.

  1. Before you sign for the delivery consignment note or tablet device, ask your driver to stay with you while you unpack your newly delivered board. If they are unwilling to wait while you check the items of your package for potential damage, then mark the delivery consignment note or tablet “BOX DAMAGED” before your signature and the driver can leave.
  2. If the driver agrees to stay, unpack your board carefully (be extra careful with any blades or cutting devices) and inspect your new board. If it has been damaged in any way, then please mark the consignment note/ tablet as "DAMAGED" before providing your signature. If your new board is unmarked, which is usually the case, then feel free to sign the drivers consignment note/ tablet.
  3. If your board has been damaged, then please document the damage with good quality photos and contact us immediately to register the damage with our customer service team. Please email or call (02) 9999 0308.

NOTE - by signing the consignment note/ tablet without any written mention of damage, you are acknowledging the surfboard was delivered in good order.