In an effort to make surfboard shopping a little easier, over the coming days/ weeks, we will bring you a comprehensive breakdown of our most relevant Autumn/ Winter models for the upcoming change of season.

To start things off are our long-time favored small to mid range twin fin models, the BEACH CLOUD and BEACH BURN. Now why would we feature a small wave model coming into the months generally blessed with better waves. Well like blessings they dont always come, you can still have sub par conditions this time of year, AND the beach cloud also isn't limited to small waves only. Read on friend, read on... 


This model was inspired by traditional deeper swallow, keel based twin fins developed in California in the 60's and 70s by guys like Pavel and Skip Frye. Originally they were designed as cut down lengths for longboarders to ride in bigger or hollower conditions, at waves like Rincon and Malibu.

The modern take is that they are more purposed for smaller conditions given the overall width, thickness and flatter rocker, and where this is somewhat true, it would be underselling what is a surprisingly versatile shape.

In our eyes the BEACH CLOUD is almost the perfect board for this time of year. Imagine North Coast points or A-frame beachies over Easter long weekend... The water is still warm, winds are tending offshore, ground swells are starting to arrive. Imagine paddling out of one of these on a crisp Apr morning, then highlining a couple of sheet glass walls, a few big glides, a sneeky baz, its the greatest surfing feeling around. 

Yes, you will get in early, hover effortlessly over flat spots and all round go fast courtesy of a flatter rocker and width. But you will still be able to release, position, pull up under the lip for some tubby time given the combination of a curvier outline, modern bottom shapes and foiled down rails. This board kinda does it all, it even surfs phenomenally on your backhand, which is something a lot of trad keel twins dont do.

There are few boards on the market as fast and free as this board, and it's because it is a retrospective shape designed by an experienced 'high-performance' shortboard shaper. Dave disguises performance in almost every model we make, and the beach cloud is no exception.  

The BEACH CLOUD is available in SOFTWORKS epoxy softboard construction, traditional PU and PE, plus PRIMITEK EPS/ EPOXY from May '23.

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This model was originally designed as a slightly more "winter-ry" version of the beach cloud, but soon took on it's own identity.

Where it fundamentally differs from the beach cloud, beyond the obvious round tail, is the fin configuration. Where the beach cloud is designed to be ridden with a modern twin fin keel, the beach burn is designed to be ridden with a more upright twin fin incl the option of a trailer fin. If you are running a broader upright set, something like the Captain Fin Co Christenson Especial Twins, then you dont need a centre fin. If you are running a set closer to the size of a FCS MR, then yes you may want to opt to run the trailer.

The trailer will just aid in some stability, directional control, yes it will reduce the chances of your tail sliding out, which depending on how big or steep you are paddling out in, may be a good option. All this without creating too much centre fin drag. 

Beyond that, the curve, width, rails all bare a lot of similarity to the beach cloud. 

It really just comes down to whether you like swallows or round tails, and if you feel more comfortable with the idea of a centre fin. If you do, this is your baybay.

The BEACH BURN is available traditional PU and PE construction.

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Change of Season Board Offer

Change of Season Board Offer