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1. Where you currently residing? Where wouldn’t you mind residing?
Byron Bay, but id like to live in Paris getting fat drinking wine and eating cheese.

2. Favored misfit model? And just say we gave you your own model, what you calling it?
Duh…. Dope [email protected] machine…

3. Do you mess around with any kind of super-food or diet? How many pushups can you do in a row?
Is pizza and beer a superfood? I can do 1000 pushups in a row with 1 finger

4. Aside from “ice cold”, what’s cooler than being cool?
I think being original is pretty cool.

5. Wav jumps, caves or rail?
Chop hops and ollies

6. A film to inspire? A film to entertain?
Film to inspire would be anything by Sophia Coppola or Larry Clark… To entertain would be Dumb and Dumber for sure.

7. What is going to be the next big advancement in technology? Or what should be?
Time travel…

8. Give us a link to something that makes you LOL on the internets?

9. Is there anything that you wish you kept up from your childhood?
And what were you like as a child, say at like age 13? Skating for sure…. I was the worst at 13..

10. What would be the title of your debut album?

11. Who died too young? And who is the greatest living hero?
Sooo many people have died too young! Greatest living hero is Jason Dill

12. What do you think about when you are alone in your car?
What came first the chicken or the egg?

13. What’s next for George Henderson?
When my ankle heals up definitely surfing and a lot of travel..