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1. Where you currently residing? Where wouldn’t you mind residing?
Los Angeles, California. The Boambee Valley

2. Favored misfit model? And just say we gave you your own model, what you calling it?
The Johnny Gorbs – this is actually a board which Davey, Chong and I worked on, that was offered up in a public naming contest, deeming it the Suspended Semen or something hahaha… Other than that the Truffle Shuffle and my model would be “Gingivitis”

3. Do you mess around with any kind of super-food or diet? How many pushups can you do in a row?
I’m Celiac – I try to stick to this innovative Red Wine only diet where you consume a bottle a day for 30 days… If your hair remains red it’s a success. Pushups?

4. Aside from “ice cold”, what’s cooler than being cool?
Dave Howells shaping bay soundtrack…

5. Wav jumps, caves or rail?
Carves & Rail - I never really figured out this whole wave jump thing…

6. A film to inspire? A film to entertain?
Debbie Does Dallas/ Debbie Does Dallas

7. What is going to be the next big advancement in technology? Or what should be?
A robot designed to apply sunscreen to gingers as soon as they come into contain with sunlight.

8. Give us a link to something that makes you LOL on the internets?

9. Is there anything that you wish you kept from your childhood? And what were you like as a child, say at like age 13?
Alf Doll – I shaved all his hair off, it looked creepy so my parents threw it away. I was a nightmare – age 13 I was surfing and skating a real lot.

10. What would be the title of your debut album?
“S.U.S.” - Straight Up Sinister or “Disconnected Discourse” – spoken word by Russell Crowe

11. Who died too young? And who is the greatest living hero?
My pal Yak – Can’t say I have a hero, but Nick Cave is power.

12. What do you think about when you are alone in your car?
How scary it is driving on the wrong side of the road, am I on the correct side of the road. How fast is 60 miles in kms. Where am I. Am I going to survive.

13. What’s next for Gareth Budge?
You tell me. . . I have been writing a stack of words lately, recently publishing a book “Disconnected Discourse” – the past few months have been filled with mixed media gallery installations, derived from its content (with the help of amazing friends Rad Dan, Joey Indrieri, A. Robinson, Lone Wolfs, Satria, Wakefield’s, Weg’s + many more). Hopefully I continue to discharge fresh content - seeing what comes of it all…