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In the words of the great Herbie Fletcher “when in doubt, paddle out”. Fundamentally, this is the inspiration behind the ‘NU RAVR’; developed initially as a step-up request of our original single fin model, the ‘NU WAVR’, but by design principle, it’s also in the same category as our ‘high-volume’ guns.

Look, the board isn’t for everyone. You got to want to ride length, pin-tails, single fins, vee, but if that’s you, then maan you’re gonna hoot your way to heaven on this. The outline is full Lopez/ Brewer 70’s inspired – wide point forward for ease in paddling and forward positioning, drawn to a wild winged pin. This wing, along with significant vee from entry to tail is going to aid in rail-to-rail transitions and ride-ability, the pin; well it’s to get you piped.

The rest is pretty true to period too – foiled with thickness under the chest, but refined in the tail with significant down rail for hold and water-flow. Rocker is flat for drive and flow, with slight nose lift to aid in getting you into the cabins. It’s a “mod” interpretation of a 70’s gun, straight single fin ONLY, built for long points, big bombys and the pipe.

Height Width Thickness Volume (LTRS) Weight Range Tail Fin System
6'6 18 5/8 2 1/2 32.5 N/A WINGED PIN SINGLE FIN
6'9 18 7/8 2  9/16 35 N/A WINGED PIN SINGLE FIN
7'1 19 1/4 2  5/8 39 N/A WINGED PIN SINGLE FIN
7'3 19 3/8 2 11/16 41 N/A WINGED PIN SINGLE FIN
7'7 19 5/8 2 3/4 45 N/A WINGED PIN SINGLE FIN
8'1 20     2  7/8 50.5 N/A WINGED PIN SINGLE FIN