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1. Where you currently residing? Where wouldn’t you mind residing?
I'm living in Whale beach, and if I had to move I'd give somewhere down south coast a go.

2. Favored misfit model? And just say we gave you your own model, what you calling it?
Definitely the ‘Beach Cloud’ twinny! And you already gave me a model, it’s the ‘Hilly Special’, but my next pro model will be called ‘RAW DOG’

3. Do you mess around with any kind of super-food or diet? How many pushups can you do in a row?
Nah no super food or diet for me, I've done 999 push up in a row before but no one saw me do it.

4. Aside from “ice cold”, what’s cooler than being cool?
Ice cold beers of course…

5. Wav jumps, caves or rail?
Carves and rail on the twinny hands down, maybe a couple twinny jumps too.

6. A film to inspire? A film to entertain?
I reckon when we make a misfit movie that'd be pretty inspirational! Silence of the lambs is entertainment I reckon.

7. What is going to be the next big advancement in technology? Or what should be?
Jet powered misfit hover board, and to clarify, not talking about no foil board, I’m talking engine powered NASA inspired hov board!

8. Give us a link to something that makes you LOL on the Internet?
Internet makes me laugh everyday, seen too many things this morning alone to pick one. Something Kanye Trump Kim Jong Un Putin Bill Cosby Elon Musk related…

9. Is there anything that you wish you kept up from your childhood? And what were you like as a child, say at like age 13?
My pushy, and riding it!. I was grubby little idiot.

10. What would be the title of your debut album?
‘RAW DOG, the musical’.

11. Who died too young? And who is the greatest living hero?
My younger brother was taken way too soon, 26 too young man! Gotta be my mum and dad for heroes, and maybe Fred Cole.

12. What do you think about when you are alone in your car?
Why the person in front of me is driving like a Derrick! And normally a beer n feed too.

13. What’s next for Chris Hill?
Surfy surf, and maybe a tour for my band ‘CROTCH’, shameless self-promotion is ok here right?